In the 2000/2001 academic year the leaders of the school prepared the required application package and applied on behalf of the school to Schools OnLine.

       Around the middle of 2002 Schools OnLine approved the school and included it in their system. In September 2002 Schools OnLine granted the school all the equipment necessary for a modern Internet lab: 10 Pentium IV computers, a 27" TV set, a scanner, an ink-jet printer and a laser printer, a digital camera and network hardware.

       One of the sponsor's requirements is that the equipment is not used solely by the students during their computer classes, but all teachers and staff members are given access to it. In compliance to that the school provides free Internet access to its employees twice a week. Our ISP is a local cable TV operator and maintains speed of at least 128 Kbps.

       The Internet lab is also used for week-end and evening computer literacy courses, computer presentations during lessons in various subjects, forums and meetings using audio-visual materials/there is a VCR in the Internet lab as well/ and shows of educational films. 

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